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The Story of Prayer Warrior Products

In 1997 William "Kai'" Brown and his wife Alice had decided that Christ would be the center of all that they do, so they created Prayer Warrior. It started as a Record label which carried Kai's music. But they wanted to do more to get the message of prayer out.  They began to create what they called Prayer Tees. The tees had themes backed by a prayer for the person who would see the t-shirts. The ministry grew beyond expectation.  They then began to mix their own anointing oils. This too grew beyond expectation. The oils are used all over the US. During a sermon, Pastor Brown had said, "I Don't Panic, I Pray!"  The saying became widely used be many who heard the sermon and was placed on a hoodie. It has become the motto of Prayer Warrior products. It is now on  many pieces of apparel and worn world wide. Out of all of the things the disciples could ask Jesus, they asked that he would teach them how to pray.  We believe that when we pray, the Father hears us and Heaven responds. Miracles are performed. We want to have the message of prayer spread around the world and are hoping that you will help us do that through this ministry. Yes! This is not a business. It is Strictly MINISTRY!

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